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Suggested itineraries

Spend a beautiful day on a sailing boat for your exclusive use.

The departure point is at the Port of Palau, where our sailing boat can easily sail with all it's power and reach the islands in less than 20 minutes.

Our boat is entrusted to a proven experienced skipper who is able to provide participants, in addition to some basic sailing hacks, even information and anecdotes about the history of the archipelago.

Our sailing tours offer a maximum of 10 participants to offer a more personalized experience. Duck Excursions is able to organize customized mini cruises based on your individual needs and requests, developing specific itineraries and routes.

There is also the possibility of sailing trips to the Corsican Archipelago.

For safety reasons, according to the skipper’s opinion, there can be possible and unchallengeable variations to your program.

The islands of the Archipelago

The Archipelago is composed of a group of islands of which the most important ones are La Maddalena, Caprera, Santo Stefano, Budelli, Santa Maria, Razzoli and Spargi. The whole Archipelago and its beaches, that is, both marine and terrestrial areas, are all included in the Archipelago of La Maddalena since 1994; for this reason it’s necessary to obtain the appropriate authorizations issued by it’s managing body of recreational activities, sport fishing, scuba diving and economic activities at sea.

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    La Maddalena

    The island of La Maddalena is the main island of the Archipelago in which stands the homonymous municipality of La Maddalena

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    The island, second by extension, is known for having hosted Garibaldi during the exile and is connected to an artificial isthmus in La Maddalena. Of granite nature, it has many pine forests and rias coasts with sandy coves alternating with slopes overlooking the sea. The colour of the crystalline waters are green, with very white sand beds.

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    Santo Stefano

    The island is private property, with exception of the eastern side where the Italian Navy insist their settlement. By surface, it is the fourth island of the archipelago. With a pink and white granite formation, it overlooks an emerald sea, especially on the southern side facing Capo d’Orso (Palau).

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    The island of Spargi is the third largest in the archipelago. Uninhabited, it has an almost circular shape with a few inlets and numerous bays of white sand (e.g. Cala Corsara, Cala Granara, Cala Conneri and Cala Soraya).

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    Budelli is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, and is known worldwide for its famous pink beach, which unfortunately, since 1998 the beach has been closed for bathing because the tourists took the sand as a souvenir and as a result it has caused almost the disappearance of its pink color.

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    Santa Maria

    The island has an area of 2 km² and a perimeter of about 10 km, with popular beaches, especially Cala Santa Maria and Cala di Fosso. In Santa Maria there are 19 houses that function as summer residences, only one house is inhabited even in winter. There is also a hotel on the island.

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    The island of Razzoli is separated by a few meters from Santa Maria, from the Asinelli Passage. The appearance differs from the neighboring islands because of its high cliffs but the few beaches like Cala Lunga, Cala Cappello, or Cala Noce are just as beautiful